1, 2, 4 Return

1, 2, 4 Return is our pilot project to prove the model after extensive development and consultation.

Our first beneficiary has been identified and completed their Cross Roads/Creating My Cloak planning program, is volunteering on projects at the Collingwood Children's Farm Community Garden and has moved into new accommodation with the support of community funding under the Purple Cloak program.

Over the coming months/year, a second, third and fourth beneficiary will be supported as our resources permit.

Todd Marsjall - Current Situation.jpg
Todd Marshal - Future Situation.jpg

The program involves the following stages:

  1. Individuals ready to leave tertiary homelessness accommodation are identified and assessed.

  2. A long term plan covering all aspects of the next stage of their life is developed with specific community support resources identified and agreed.

  3. Safe and secure accommodation is located and leased.

  4. Community support is provided for accommodation set up costs and further support as identified during the planning program.

  5. On-going community support (the cloak) is provided to ensure a successful return.

  6. Volunteers work with the beneficiary to help them realise their goals and coach and mentor them on a wide range of life skills.

As housing inequality worsens, it will touch more and more people. One day it could be an old friend, a sibling, a child or parent facing housing troubles. One day it could be you or me.
— Peter Mares, No Place Like Home, 2018


Playing Your Part

You can play your part by donating and supporting the Purple Cloak program.