The remarkable story and art of

Richard Young

A small selection of Richard's work is available exclusively through Playing Our Part.


About the Artist

Richard Young was born in 1962  in Melbourne and lives and works in Warrandyte, Victoria. Richard is an Aboriginal man from the Gunnai, Yorta Yorta and Gunditjmara tribes of Victoria.

He has always dabbled in the arts and tried to paint but there was a major block from his head to his hand as he tried to paint like other family members for years.

He was frustrated because as he says, “I made a face look like a house or something you see in a kindergarten.”

Playing Our Part hosted Richard's first exhibition, "Emergence" at the Green Square Gallery space in May 2017 with 8 of 11 works being acquired. 

Richard is donating 30% of the sale price for all works listed below to The Purple Cloak program.

One with Country.JPG

One With Country

My mother always felt renewed when she visited Shepparton and Mooroopna. She was on country and became one with her land.

In this artwork I had a sense of how happy the land and the wildlife are when there is harmony.

The movement and colours are about a good spirit and everything functioning together.

You know when you connect with an area or visit a place that leaves you feeling at peace.

Acrylic on Canvas

990mm x 1740mm

$3,500 AUD


Healing Valley.JPG

Healing Valley

This piece reflects the healing plants which come from our land and environment. My great grandfather had a bush medicine shop in Footscray in the 1950’s.

I could see how our people would walk through the valley and collect natural medicines for just about any illness, like in the garden of Eden.

Acrylic on canvas

1220mm x 1220mm

$2,500 AUD


Looking Up.JPG

Looking Up

When I was painting this I literally felt as if I was at the bottom of a gorge looking up through the trees.

Sometimes life can get so heavy and the sense of hopelessness can be overwhelming which was how I was feeling at the time.

As the piece started to emerge in front of me I realised that there is always a path out. Sometimes we just forget to look up.

Keep looking up and you will find your way out of any situation. Looking down will only cause you to bump into the tree.

Acrylic on canvas

1220mm x 760mm

$1,000 AUD


In the Garden.JPG

In the Garden

You can get lost in the garden playing hide and seek, climbing the trees, smelling the aromas, listening to the birds, or just laying in the grass.

My mother loved her garden and would find a sense of peace and delight as she would grow her favourite flowers.

This piece is about how many of our ancestors are in the land, trees and surrounding environment. Their spirit lives on. All we need to do is look.

Acrylic on canvas

1760mm x 1425mm

$4,500 AUD


Days like this.JPG

Days Like This

The Van Morrison song Days LIke This is probably the best way to describe this painting because it was frustrating to do on a physical and psychological level.

I started to paint one thing and it was as if the canvas and paint conspired against me to produce something different.

The thing I really like about this painting is that it has a lot of character. Every circle has its own story or personality or they could be a mixture of my personalities coming through, I’m not too sure.

I think there will be many more days like that as I continue painting so might as well play Van Morrison’s Sometimes We Cry!

Acrylic on canvas

2050mm x 1755mm

$5,500 AUD


I started painting because I had these images in my head that I needed to get out. I want to tell my story and give a message to others that no matter how bad things get there is always hope, the hope of a better day to come.
— Richard Young


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