Recipes for Disaster and Plot to Plate

These projects are being implemented in partnership with Playing Our Part, the Collingwood Children's Farm and the Farm Cafe.

Recipes for Disaster (Shopping, Cooking and Eating in Hard Times) is a short cook book of simple, wholesome, affordable meals based on the lived experience of people who live frugally but well.

Plot to Plate is a pilot project with produce grown by Playing Our Part committee members, volunteers and beneficiaries in a veggie patch in the Community Gardens just 110 metres away from the Farm Cafe, turned into a Plot to Plate meal with the proceeds returning to Playing Our Part to sustain current and develop future Plot to Plate projects.


Recipes for Disaster

Inspired by the lived experience of a close friend of the Playing Our Part committee, Recipes for Disaster features 8 seasonal recipes by the Farm Cafe's Head Chef Travis Welch plus several basic recipes. It will also include an original Recipe for Disaster, a delicious pasta sauce made from low-cost ingredients and the Farm Cafe gnocchi with plot grown potatoes and salad.

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Plot to Plate

A seasonal Plot to Plate meal will have one of the lowest food kilometres recorded, less than 150 metres from the patch in the community gardens where it is grown to the plate in front of you via the Farm Cafe kitchen.

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This spring and summer potatoes, tomatoes and basil are being grown for the Farm Cafe, will be harvested daily and served as a delicious seasonal meal from mid January 2019 until the produce runs out.

Proceeds of this initiative will keep it alive and grow it into opportunities for Purple Cloak beneficiaries.

We are sowing hope, growing confidence and harvesting independence.
— Playing Our Part Committee


Playing Their Part

Playing Our Part
Collingwood Children's Farm
The Farm Cafe

Lisa Sweeney - Project Coordiantor
Travis Welch - Recipes
Helen Semmler - Layout and Design
Ranetta Higgs - Photography
GSP - Lived Experience Advisor

These projects are the result of the collaboration, cooperation and creative input of everyone involved; committees, management, owners and staff of all three organisations and our volunteer gardeners.

The generosity and spirit which has enabled Recipes for Disaster and Plot to Plate to be realised is truly unbelievable.

Contibutions range from access to resources, spontaneous offers of help, acts of kindness, warm smiles, great coffee, engaging chit-chat and a deep understanding of and empathy for the work of Playing Our Part.

We must also mention the farm animals who really do give a crap. Regularly…

We use the farm's horse, cow, sheep, goat and chicken manure in compost and to condition and improve the veggie plot soil.