Collaborate. Create. Change

Homelessness in Melbourne has reached "emergency" levels, with the city overwhelmed by rough sleepers and welfare agencies unable to meet surging demand for housing.

Together we can have a significant social impact on homelessness in Melbourne.

Everyone can play their part.

Our approach facilitates and supports those ready and willing to leave long term tertiary homelessness services.

We work with participants, carers, providers, support agencies and the community to create capacity in the existing accommodation system so that more people in crisis can be taken in as a result of the vacancies opened by the Purple Cloak approach.

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The Purple Cloak's purpose is to increase the social inclusion of people marginalised by the experience of homelessness by partnering with them and the community to create safe, secure, sustainable homes and provide them with appropriate, ongoing support.


Many of us have the ability to share some of our good fortune with others. How can you play your part? Here are some suggestions.

  • Share your time, knowledge, experience, expertise.

  • Provide cash, pro bono support or in-kind donations.

  • Facilitate access to networks and groups who can make a difference.

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Put simply, people matter.
— Matt Maudlin, Born to Serve.