Collaborate. Create. Change.

Playing Our Part Incorporated exists to facilitate social change through creative collaboration in the community using music, art, writing, photography and film to raise awareness of homelessness and to make a contribution to improving the situation in Melbourne.


Where it Started

In October 2016 a small group of residents at an apartment complex in Abbotsford formed Playing Our Part Incorporated with the purpose of raising awareness of the homelessness issue in Melbourne through the arts.


Over a period six months $3,500 was raised through performances and art exhibitions and donated to Servants Community Housing, which provides tertiary homelessness accommodation (boarding houses) in Kew and Hawthorn for 89 people, who would otherwise be living in inappropriate or improvised dwellings or be homeless.

Image: Red House 6, Ranetta Higgs, 2016


Late in 2017, a new committee was formed with the aim of creating a new, user-centred approach to the homelessness issue.

A year of planning, discussions and workshops led to the creation of the Purple Cloak Program. With the committee equipped to implement this solution, Playing Our Part is on the cusp of real, community driven change. We invite you to explore our plans and projects and join us to play your part in this quest.
Real change is made when lots of people do a little.
— Christopher Axe